What Is High Frequency?

High frequency produces heat at the probe which causes tissue to coagulate & discontinue blood flow & nutrition to the irregularity.

 What Does it Treat:

broken capillaries 
clogged pores
skin tags
sun spots
sebaceous hyperplasia 
cherry angiomas

What Is The Discomfort Level?

The treatment is tolerable withthe sensation produced feeling much like a tight pinch, bee sting,or hot prick to the skin. Some areas are more sensitive then others and pre numbing is an option.

Skin Sheek High Frequency

1-3 spot treatments  $65.00

4-6 spot treatments $85.00

10 min treatment      $100.00

15 min treatment       $120.00

Add On To Facial 

1-3 spot treatments $35.00

4-6 spot treatments $45.00


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